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Music and lyrics by amanda blue except where noted

Production by Godfrey Nelson

Graphics by Paul Colin


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Say To Me
I Can Feel This
I Don't Know
Sweet Little Darlin'
Sundancer [leigh, Nelson]
Keepin' On [leigh, Nelson]
Every Road Leads Home
Great Wind [leigh, Nelson]
I Don't Wanna Fall
South Africa


amanda blue: lead vocals, background vocals
Godfrey Nelson: arrangements, programming, guitars
Lorraine Nelson Wolf: keyboards, background vocals
Valentine Michalski: percussion
Richard Bona: bass guitar
Jimmy Carrington: guitars
Tandi Bengu: background vocals on South Africa
Jake Holmes: background vocals on South Africa


Say To Me

Stay with me here in the silence
I feel I'm alive and safe from the danger around us
The night is a stranger who looks in our faces
Who asks too many questions that have no answers
We can't hide away
Say to me now that you see what I'm seeing
Say to me now that you feel what I'm feeling
Say to me now that you know what I'm knowing
Say to me now that you'll go where I'm going
Too many people decide they can speak for us all
They lie and they cheat and they divide us
Tears fall like rain form the eyes of the stranger
They wash us away to the depths of the ocean
When our time has come
Say to me now that you see what I'm seeing
Say to me now that you feel what I'm feeling
Say to me now that you know what I'm knowing
Say to me now that you'll go where I'm going
There ar no reasons to explain
Why we are here to play the game
No law can decide the future
We just take out chances

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I Can Feel This

Sometimes when I'm alone
All the sadness I have known
Turns and moves inside me now
Like a giant thunder cloud
Raining on my heart it goes
Through the pain I let it flow
Washing clean my spirit shines
Like a jewel in the night
All I understand is shame
I'm afraid and I'm to blame
For everything that has gone wrong
I'm the singer of my song
All the madness in this world
Fills me up and I am burned
All the anger all the grief
Hits me hard and hits me deep
I can be this
I can see this
I can believe this
O I can feel this
And then when morning comes
Flowers open children shout
Lifts my head turns me about
Life puts in what I take out
Yes I can run I can stand still
Turn my will into my faith
I can change and I can grow
I can learn what I don't know
So what goes up must come down
What is done can be undone
What is gentle turn and fight
What is wrong sometimes is right
All the plans you lay can change
Things you build get rearranged
Love can also turn to hate
What you want now can make you wait
Miracles are sometimes plain
Ordinary folks using ordinary ways
To rise above our lives and find
Keys of wisdom peace of mind
The wonders of this world are here
Living with us if we dare
Take the steps and we will see
To find them is to set us free
What lies inside is outside to
What's real can make our dreams come true
If we open up the gates
All possibilities relate
Believe in what you need and feel
Protect yourself when others wield
Their will and insecurities
Don't have to become yours to please
We all have pain we have to bear
We all have phantoms we all get scared
Surrender when it gets too much
Let God take what we can't touch
I can be this
I can see this
I can believe this
O I can feel this

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I Don't Know

In the evenin'
When the sun goes down
When the sky is dark
And the stars come out
Yes I talk, talk to the darkest night
Down on my knees I pray everything's gonna be alright
Wherever I go
You are there livin' in my soul
Yes I carry you with me night and day
O my love come take this ache away
I don't know I don't know which way to go
I can't see I can't see in front of me
I'm alone I'm alone as alone can be
Where are you where are you O baby please
It's such a long, long time ago
When I first saw you and in a flash of light
Centuries of memories fell before my eyes
When I reached for you, you were nowhere in sight
O this love is a faithful fire
Burning deep such a cruel desire
And I keep following
And you keep turning away
I don't know how much more of this I can take
Things happen by no co-incidence
People bring you to me through the strangest circumstance
I can't escape you even though sometimes I try
It's as if the universe is telling us why
But you don't hear it
You don't seem to feel a thing
My heart jumps every time the telephone rings
But there's no-one on the other side
Why do you torture me
Baby why do you make me cry

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Sweet Little Darlin'

Sweet little darlin' my love is in your hands
You say you don't want it
'cause you go other plans
And you say you don't care because you care too much
And your heart is laid bare for all who take too much
My sweet little angel
Only you can take your pain away
You're blinded by fury
You say everyone stands in your way
O but it's your reflection that you hate the most
So you pack more protection
Go chasin' after the ghost
Who's gonna hold you now
Who's gonna make it OK somehow
Who's gonna help you see
Now that it can't be me
Who's gonna make you smile
How will you feel that it's all worthwhile
It's up to you
There's nothin' anyone can do
My sweet little baby I ain't your mama no more
It's drivin' me crazy but I gotta watch you walk out that door
And there's no turnin' back
Because it means too much
You gotta take your life back
Because it's worth too much

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[leigh, Nelson]
Look inside
Open the window
Your soul has a voice
Listen to it
See the sunrise
In our hearts tonight
Feel the sunlight
In our arms tonight
We move as one
This is our love
Do you recognize
Read the signs
Walk down the streets
See the faces
You pass them by
They can be counted
There's a light in your eyes
Like a morning star
There's a light in your eyes
Like the midnight sun

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Keepin' On

[leigh, Nelson]
O the time will make you wait
And the seasons bring the change
And the days will shine
And the rain will come and baby I don't mind
O some people make you laugh
And some will make you cry
And then some will just pass you by and baby I don't mind
I just wanna keep on keepin' on
I just wanna keep this light alive
I just wanna know that I can burn the fires of faith's desires
And I know at the end of the day
When everythin' been said and done
I can feel this moment shinin' through
And I can share it with you
O people talk too much
And the child just sits and listens
And when they grow up it comes pouring out
And everyone goes missin'
Let me look inside your eyes
Let me find a real surprise
Let's awake from sleep
And embrace the dawn
Like new babies born
I just wanna keep on keepin' on
I just wanna climb until I fall
I just wanna reach the higher ground
And then come back for more
I just wanna feel my heart sing
I just wanna feel my heart break
I just wanna take it all
And let it go
And make mistakes
O come now let's be still
It don't matter who's right or wrong
I'm so tired of hearing the same things over and over again
Let me lie inside your arms
Let me feel real love
Let me hear the music of the night
And just hold me tight
I just wanna keep on keepin' on
I just wanna hear that whistle blow
I just wanna walk inside the rain
And feel it run down my face
I just wanna lie in fields of green
I just wanna swim in seas of blue
I just wanna wake up in the day
And see with eyes brand new
I just wanna keep on keepin' on
I just wanna keep this light alive
I just wanna know that I can burn the fires of faith's desires
And I know at the end of the day
When everythin' been said and done
I can feel this moment shinin' through
And I can share it with you

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Every Road Leads Home

I go through days like you ride a wave
Up and down but never quite the same
Sometimes blue but what can you do
Like a dream reality is true
All I want is a bowl and spoon
Some pretty flowers and a midnight moon
Catch you sleeping we lay quiet O
The simplest things in life can fill the deepest desires
Every road leads home
Everyone rides their own
Angel ride mine together we can fly
Every road leads home
Take the moments they move and change
Natural rhythm is the root of the game
Take a step now don't be afraid
The wind will catch ya and you'll be riding again
A time to rock a time to cry
Time to be silent time to ask why
What we have learned is how e feel
Trust yourself the time is down on the wheel

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Great Wind

[leigh, Nelson]
O spirit voices in my ears
Magic to release my fears
Step into the universe
Hear the great wind moan
O silence tells you everything
Listen close and you will hear
The great wind blow
Lie on the earth let the music flow
Open your eyes let the light shine bright
O centuries are living here
Time is always everywhere
The great wind shows
I'm so tired of being bored
Same old stories being told
We're so stuck inside our heads
Set me free before I'm dead
Our souls are stolen by the garbage spoken
Wings on children snapped and broken
But we go on like we don't notice
That all our senses
Are out of focus
The great wind blows
The great wind shows
The great wind knows

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I Don't Wanna Fall

We met on a Wednesday
Made love on a Friday
Then you said you didn't know
If you could do this let's go slow
I said that's OK, yeah that will be fine
You call every mornin'
Then again in the evenin'
We saw every movie showin'
All you did was drag me going
All over town up and then down
I don't wanna fall in love
I don't wanna sing you lullabies my friend
I don't wanna fill this loneliness and just pretend
I don't wanna fall in love
I don't wanna see your childhood photographs
I don't wanna feel it's up to me to make you laugh
Do you know you tease me with that beautiful body
But you won't let me touch you
And you say you want me with you
You got me so confused
What are you tryin' to do
The heat is always risin'
When we're close it's mesmerizing
But you run away go hiding
What are you so afraid if darlin'
I don't understand I'm a woman be a man
You cry for your girlfriend 'cause she broke your heart
Am I supposed to fix you baby
If I try must be crazy this one's on you
And it's time to grow up too
You look at all the women
When we're walkin' down the street
And I feel so humiliated
I'm too good for this shit baby
You're wastin' my time
So it's gotta be goodbye

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South Africa

Let the people sing
Hear their voices ring
In South Africa
Where the children cry
Don't let freedom die
In South Africa
O take me back to my home
The place where my spirit was born
Down the streets on a brand new day
Let us speak again let us find a way
See the sun shining O what a surprise
Shining down
On South Africa
Hold the flags flying
We can stand as one
Going down
To South Africa
Come mothers and fathers
Sisters and brothers
Meet me
In South Africa
Dance the dance of love
Laws come from above
Lead them down
To South Africa
See the fire lights
Burning through the nights
In South Africa
Where the people feel
With hearts locked in steel
In South Africa
O take me back to my home
Set me free from the shame that I hold
Shine a light on a brand new day
When can we get it straight
And change the winds of fate
We are all afraid
What a price has been paid
In South Africa
Now we will reap what we have sown
When will we learn that this just can't carry on
Open eyes open ears open doors
Let the truth be told let there be no more war

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